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Alexa R


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Stop adding more features and make what you have cleaner and simpler to use.


It needs to look like Evernote Web.... Especially with OS X El Capitan, split screen takes up way too much space with notes and menu expanded... Needs to be cleaner.... Also, search should pop up with notebooks AND notes, not just one or the other... It should work kind of like spotlight in Mac.



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First: You can make things a bit more streamlined, for example by hiding the right hand sidebar. This give more room for the notes list and note content. You can even hide the toolbar, so you'd end up with a window that looks like this:



Second: If you look at the massive discussion threads on this community, you will see that not everyone is as keen on the new Web interface as you are. Evernote really needs to tread a fine balance here. I'm sure space could be used more effectively in Evernote than it currently is, but I think going for the sparse, "everything is hidden until you mouse over" type scheme of the web might be a bit extreme for some users. 


Third: You don't want new features, except you want them to add a Template feature. So do you want no new features, or do you want your features added? It's a bit silly to say "no features except the ones I want". 


That being said templates do seem to be often requested, and there are a few workarounds, though I'm sure your already aware of them (workarounds being inconvenient by nature, I can see why you'd want official support):






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Hi Again,


Let me rephrase... streamline evernote and simplify. Part of streamlining is adding templates, as right now, you have to make a note and when you go to use it as a template, you have to find the note (or click in shortcuts), copy the note, open a new note and paste... That's way too much.


Using the new evernote web is a suggestion... I don't care how it ends up looking, just needs to be a more effective use of space.

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Agreed, if templates are important to your workflow, Evernote isn't really amenable to that. Maybe in the future. 

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The "clean" look on the web simply ruined my TSW workflow. I had to switch back to the old version of EN on the web.


They should give a choice to users. Give me the option to add the left sidebar at least. I need to be able to drag and drop tags, notes, notebooks at will.

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