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Is there a Mac app, Evernote tool that allows to turn photos into documents

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I love both Scannable and the photo capture/editing function in IOS Evernote.


Sometimes, I take photos of documents (or posters on walls for example) on the fly (with the Photos app),.


But when I want to put them in Evernote, I realize thatI cannot find a utility that allows me to turn a brownish photo into a crisp legible document. I can do it on my iPhone, but not on my Mac.

Or may be I can? :-)


Thanks for your help!


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This is not really an Evernote question/issue.  


There are tons of Mac photo/image processing apps.  I'm sure that with a bit Google search and App Store search you can find what you need.

Also, many of the iPhone apps will allow you to pull photos from external sources like Dropbox, and then process like a camera image.

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