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Database encryption

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 I read on the evernote site that the evernote database is not encrypted. Does this mean anyone with physical access to my phone or computer can read my notes in plaintext? (for example if they connect the phone to a computer via USB or go searching in the C drive). Any way to increase my privacy in this regard while using evernote? I do use an android pin number.

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Hi.  Given that Evernote is about making your data easily available on multiple OS's it shouldn't be a surprise that encrypting the database on one specific OS might cause some problems in other areas.  You may,  in your specific OS,  be able to set up an encrypted volume to receive and protect your data.  If you're using Evernote out of the box though,  the database _will_ be readable from primary storage.  Good reason to password protect access to your PC / mobile.

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