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Evernote Widget Samsung S4

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I used to be able to use the EN widget on my S4, but it has stopped working.  I can't get beyond the screen to put it on my home page.  I've removed and re-downloaded several times and it still doesn't work.


Also, I want to be able to use OCR to search my handwritten notes.  I write neatly, printing, and EN still does not identify simple words.

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Hi.  When you try to add Evernote's widget to the home page,  are you scrolling through the various other widgets that are available for any other apps you may have installed?  In other words are you able to see the general list of widgets and pick out which Evernote widget you want to install?  Or is something else happening?


And on your handwritten notes - are these notes taken on an Evernote Ink note,  or added by PDF or JPG?

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