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Theresa Pittappilly

Evernote for Android v7.0.5 Release


Today we released Evernote for Android v7.0.5 to the Play Store. 


This update brings some asked for features like trash support for deleted notes, customization of the new note button for tablets and the ability to remove work chat from the navigation drawer. In addition we've improved the passcode lock functionality. You now have the ability to set the time out you wish. We have also updated the UI of the passcode lock feature to align to material design and the rest of the app. 


We also focused on bug fixes that have been reported. Thanks for all the feedback. Please do reply to this post with any issues you hit with the update as well as any feedback you may have. Thanks in advance!


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Trashsupport will help me a lot. No need for start the computer for save a note.

And setting new button in the tablets will help me

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I love that you're turning more towards Material Design!


The app icon still isn't quite material, however, so partly for fun, partly to put it here, I put together what I thought a material evernote icon might look like.

It's only 384p (looks better when smaller) and I'm not sure if the color is quite right, but I think it still gives a pretty good idea.


(Can't insert images for some reason...here are links:)




(Update: Fixed a broken link.)

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