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I had a note in the system then edited that note. I have the sync set and after completing a long note with details I shared it and when I looked at the shared note it reverted back to the original note and I can't find the one that I edited. How so I find notes that no longer appear.

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Hi.  Did you use the 'tick' button and sync before you shared?  It sounds like you completed your edits and then accidentally asked the device to do something else with that note instead of saving them,  which lost the work you had done up to that point.  If the edits had been saved back to the server you would have been able to see them by logging in here in a desktop browser - https://www.evernote.com/Login.action


It's worth checking the web page to see if there are any signs of your work,  but if not I'm afraid it only existed in temporary storage on your android device.  It may still be there,  but it's outside my level of expertise to suggest whether or not it might be recoverable.


Sorry not to be more help.

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