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I have two Evernote accounts - one for work and one personal. I now need to combine them both, as the email address associated with the work account is no longer viable.


I can't change the email address to my personal address, because it's associated with the other account.


Is there anyway to combine two accounts?

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Hi.  If you have more than one personal address you could keep the other account going for the meantime by changing the address.  If you don't want to do that,  or can't do so,  just share your work notebooks with your personal account and move the contents over into new notebooks.  Depending on your account type and the number of notes,  this might take you over your upload limit if you do it all at once.  You could start off by setting up all the new work notebooks in your personal account as Local (unsynced) Notebooks which don't impact your upload allowance.  Transfer the contents to synced notebooks over a period of months if necessary so you can continue to use Evernote as normal.  If you use local notebooks,  don't forget that you have the only copy of your data - make frequent backups!!


Once your work account is empty,  deactivate it via your accounts summary page online.  https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action#summary

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