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ANSWERED Scannable Issues uploading to Evernote

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A few months ago, I posted in this forum, indicating how much I liked Scannable, but suggesting a few features that would make my work with scannable even more productive.

To date, this post has not got any response.

Regardless, I have recently begun to rethink my opinion of Scannable.

Working with it has become a frustrating exercise.

Scanning is fine, but when I try to upload to Evernote, more often than not, the process fails.

The typical behaviour is that the application is stuck at the share screen.

Evidently, its doing something in the background, but there is no visual indication of this. I would expect some UI indication that the scan is being uploaded.

Then, after a while (sometimes a minute), I will get a message that the process timed out at the Evernote was unable to upload the scan.

Then, even more frustratingly, when I then reshare the scan, I will get a message indicating that the file already exists on Evernote.

I have had ended up with duplicates, as well as quite a few lost scans.

Clearly, the integration between Scannable and Evernote is not as seamless as it should be, which is surprising considering both are owned by the same company.

Please fix this, or I will start looking for alternatives.

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Hi rafibryl


I'm sorry about your experience. Your experience seems like a bug that's affecting some users; the bug results in a false notification that appears on new uploads. And unfortunately once you get in that state, it's stuck—which I realise is super annoying. The workaround is to delete and reinstall Scannable. We plan to have a fix for this in the next update.

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I have a related issue that may have been covered in this forum before.


With the iOS app, sometimes I will use the "Save to Evernote" feature and see the blue screen saying "Document saved to Evernote".


When I see this confirmation screen, I press "Done", which clears the scanned document images from the app.


HOWEVER, after a few seconds an error message appears saying "Upload to Evernote failed" (or something similar).


So the first message (the blue screen) was apparently false. The documents have *not* been uploaded to Evernote, and the image files have already been deleted.


On a few occasions when this has happened, I've already shredded the physical documents before I receive the error message, so they are lost forever.


I really like the app when it works correctly, but this error will be a deal breaker for me. The app should only tell me "Document saved to Evernote" when it has really been uploaded to Evernote.

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same problem here. lost some stuff assuming i had scanned it. i deleted the app and then downloaded it again and it seems to have fixed the issue.

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This is exactly the problem I was having, although have not found the need to reinstall the app. The problem comes and goes intermittently.

I have learnt the hard way not to shred documents immediately after scanning  :) .

BTW, a good feature from my perspective would be the ability to restore deleted items (sort of like a trash bin).

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