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List within table cell: Cannot indent lists

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I use a template for note-making that involves making lists within a table cell.


Until recently, nesting lists by indenting list items was not a problem: Hit tab, list item is indented. During the last couple of weeks, this doesn't work any more: tab moves the cursor to the next table cell. 


Anyone else seeing this problem and/or have any ideas to fix it?



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I am seeing this too  immediately after an upgrade. Using Mac Yosemite. 


While not the end of the world, this is terribly annoying! 


Tried different key combos and settings with no luck. Any ideas how to fix? 

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It is an annoying bug.


Have you tried:

  • Increase Indent:     CMD-SHIFT-]
  • Decrease Indent:    CMD-SHIFT-[

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