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Right Click > "Save (Pin / Image) to Evernote"

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i have found a little Problem with the Windows Context Menu (look to the Image i attach)

At least in the German Version of Windows 8.1 only show "Cut image" rather than "Cut image to Evernote".

Which irritates some... Formerly stood there also "Cut image to Evernote" but now it is not :-(


Yours sincerely


Image with Dropbox - Link:



(I see now: You can upload up to 1,1KB of files (Max. single file size: 1,1KB) ???

My Image have over 100 kb, so i can not upload it! Why the error? :-(

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This fix for a similar problem may also solve your problem:

Download the utility ENRegEd.exe from here; it's a utility that lets you easily tweak/set various Evernote parameters without having to edit the Registry yourself:



Close the Evernote Windows application, if it's already running, then run EnRegEd.exe.


Select the "Advanced" tab, then hit the button labelled "Restore Send to Evernote in the Context Menu."


Start the Evernote Windows application.  The option you're looking for on the right-click menu should be restored.

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My Norton Security do not want to install that tool... I do not trust the non-object :-/

Thanks anyway




Otherwise I just see you're a Science Fiction Book writer :)

Are there also books in German translation from you?

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