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Feature Request: Hide or archive notes


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6 hours ago, DTLow said:

Selective sync is a feature on the mobile platforms (IOS/Android)
For the Win platform, there is a Demand Sync option
The web platform is internet access; there is no downloaded data

On my iPad, the default is "Do not download notes"
I can select "all" or specific notebooks to download



4 hours ago, CalS said:

Unless you have offline notebooks set EN only syncs the note header information to your phone.  Creating a second account to archive your notes would solve your search problem.  A Basic account would work if you manage the transfer of notes.  

Offline notebooks doesn't allow us to keep the workplace lean. Also I don't need to deal with multiple Evernote accounts and transferring notes just to have a basic archive feature. I found a much more convenient solution already with Pocket + Evernote integration. I am using Pocket most of the time since it is much lighter and reading is much more comfortable in it. Pocket has archiving feature and searching only in archive or everywhere is your choice.

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13 minutes ago, faruk.kutlu said:

I found a much more convenient solution...

Whatever works for you is fine

My preference is to stick with the Evernote service and archive my notes using the solutions presented in this discussion.  I'm not prepared to give up the features of this service


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3 hours ago, faruk.kutlu said:

Offline notebooks doesn't allow us to keep the workplace lean.

My point was that if you don't have offline notebooks checked your notes aren't consuming the full amount of space.  I use about 130 MB on my phone for a 15 GB data base.  Sounds like your lean need has more to do with archiving in any case.  Glad pocket provides that lean solution for you.

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I've been trying to convince Evernote for 4 years already. :-)

With this request, it even got 64 UP.

Maybe some up again would be great.



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