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Mata Hari

WebClipper for Yahoo mail does not work


I use the WebClipper for Gmails. EN and Gmail are integrated.

But it does not work for Yahoo mail ? 

I cannot make nice web clippings on Yahoo mail in the same was as for Gmails

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This is expected for now. Making clips in complex web apps such as Yahoo mail requires special integrations. At the moment we have no plans to add support for Yahoo mail but it may come in the future.

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OneNote Clipper does the job with any webmail.
It is also very easy to send mail from ON  - unlike EN.

I tried the standard method to email to EN from Yahoo.mai.

Surprise, surprise- it works !!


I also have read discussions on this Forum reguarding EverMail (EM) - which converts Apple Mails to EN. 

I need to move mails to EN without internet connection. Is EM doing that ?


Integration with Apple Mail

I tried to email to EN.

It is not to my liking. Attachments (png) are shown as links only. It would be nice if they could load automatically as an option.


i have tried a script :


It is not to my liking. It is only handling plain text, no attachment.

Are there other scripts ?

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