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Skitch does not take screenshots..

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My Skitch 2.7.6 stopped working on Yosemite / iMac.

I try to make the capture, cross-hairs work, I heare the 'Capture' sound, but the screenshot does not appear in the Editor.

Please help!


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We are trying to get the original early Skitch apps to work, can you help please. My app also does not do screen shots, or is it able to load iPhotos. 



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Skitch v.1.x can no longer be used with an Evernote account. This was changed due to security upgrades in order to protect user accounts and data.


If you wish to continue to use Skitch v.1 without an Evernote account you can do so, but you will need to remove the Evernote account from the Share Settings menu in order to avoid the server connection alert message.


For Yosemite, I highly recommend that you use the most current version of Skitch available from the Mac App Store or as a download from the Evernote website.

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I came just from Skitch control bar: Help/technical support/ and this is how landed here !!

I received not one tkt number, although before this current procedure, from within the,receive

d  a poped-up msg where I informed the issue. However I did receive not one TKT nbr..skitchenvironment it did crash twice or mor times , and  I

I reinstalled then a new version (MAC),  and the problem changed  : the reinstalled skitch ( for MAC) doesn't pick up screenshots


In the event of not being responded, I am giving up and trying to reinstall again , 

I this doesn`t work I will use another software and post my recent impressions to other user s in internet. 

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Mine stopped taking screenshots as well.  Support does not respond. They don't care. They're slowly trying to distance themselves from the Skitch product and their lack of support demonstrates it.  Evernote is to the point of pure disdain for it's users that don't upgrade at this point. 

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