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Organize Your Notes into Nested Folders

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Hey Everyone.


I am creating an alternative Evernote client that has nestable folders.


1) Do you like the concept?
2) What is something that annoys you about organizing your notes on Evernote?

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Hi.  I guess your idea is a good thing for those who like/ need a hierarchical setup,  though it does allow people not to make the effort to convert to a flat structure which is a shame,  because flat is better (for me).  I'm the sort of filer who wants to put gas receipts under 'car'.  And 'expenses'.  And 'Client A',  so a bunch of receipts just gets tagged appropriately with no special need to sort them somewheres else.  And in some cases 'out of sight' really does mean 'out of mind' because when I collapse the folder structure, or it gets more than one screenfull long,  I start to forget what folders I created and wind up with some receipts in 'car' and some in 'tax'...


There's nothing specific that annoys me about Evernote's organisation,  but sometimes I do use a hierarchy to plan out a website and its contents.

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