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Bug: Tag organization screen is unbearably (and dangerously) SLOW

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It is nice to be able to nest tags in the side menu, but the recent update/rewrites of the Mac app have rendered the tag organization screen so slow that it is almost dangerous.  


When multiple tags are selected to move under another tag, the process can take ~60 seconds PER TAG.  In the meantime, the UI provides minimal feedback on progress, i.e. the cursor becomes a spinning ball.  


This is dangerous because it is easy for an errant click to operate on a large set of selected tags.  Since there is no way to cancel this process, the slow operation makes a user's note collection vulnerable to unintended operations. 


Ideally, the actual rearrangement of the tags within the database needs to somehow happen in the background, since the user should not see this as a tag-by-tag process.  


As collections become large, organized tag collections are extremely important to some users.  This makes the tag organization screen something that should work as smooth as the rest of the app. 

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I can confirm this behavior.  The Tag View is hard to use for more than 100 tags, but really unusable for a large number of tags.

Evernote claims to support 100K tags.  This whole view needs to be completely redesigned.


I would also like to see all of the functionality restored to the Left Panel tree list of tags and notebooks.


Here is what I would like to see in the Left Side Panel:

(basically all actions available in the NB or Tag view, plus more)


Tag List -- Right-click on any tag to:

  • Move under Parent Tag (provides Tag selection like with the Tag Filter)
  • Move to Top Level
  • Rename
  • Delete
  • Assign to Selected Notes
  • UnAssign from Selected Notes
  • Collapse/Expand All below this Tag
  • Any other choices not listed above but in the Tag view with right-click
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Same is true for me!

imac and Evernote in the latest versions.


Approx. 2,000 tags in approx. 10 folders.


This behavior (extremely slow) popped up after an update, - but I don't know which. I thought it was a bug that was due to be corrected, but it was not. 

This should really be fixed.

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Have had the same problem myself. Anytime I want to adjust a tag, it takes minimum 10 seconds of the app being paused.

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