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My iPad  is stuck in a loop of sign in to iTunes popup.  A hard restart does not fix this. As far as I know my only option is to do a RESET after backing up my ipad to the mac, which I know how to do.  After reset I will have the mac fetch everything from iTunes , including EN.


1. Will my ipad get the EN app version that I currently have, which is 5.7 or thereabouts?


2. Will my ipad get my EN data or will I need to get that from my EN cloud account?



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fyi EN help chat just told me that the backup in my mac is a mirror of my EN app and that it will simply get put back into the iPad as part of the restore operation.  But, having followed these forums for a while, I am so profoundly paranoid about having to upgrade to the current app version that I'd really like to hear some confirmation from you folks.  Thanks again.



(Q2 above has been answered)

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Your question is really much more of an iTunes issue than Evernote.


iTunes is the one Mac app that I, and many, many others, hate.  It is the worst design imaginable.

But, there is no alternative to iTunes, so we have to waste valuable time tying to understand it, and get it to do our bidding.


In short, my experience is that iTunes will restore whatever is the latest version of an App that it has.

It is possible (according to others) to trick iTunes into restoring a previous version of an App, but it is not easy.


To learn more about this, do some Googles, like on "iTunes restore prior version app"


But let me repeat, this is an iTunes issue, not Evernote.

Do googles, and search/post on the Apple Communities forum for solutions.

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Restoring from backup will restore the files in the backup altogether, thus you will lose your current data on your device. So, for this situation, a iPhone backup extractor software comes in handy if you want to retrieve just specific files or worst if your backup is corrupt.

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