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Who do I make a user in the business account

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How do I deicide who should be designated as a user in evernote business and who should I share notes with?

I am having difficulty deciding whether business account will suit my startup business which will have 10 staff at first.

I want them to access many documents remotely and I cant send them always via email. But 10dollars per user per month seems expensive just to share 

some basic procedures and general documents. 

I am still unclear on what the point of the business account is versus the premium. Or should I be looking at other applications like basecamp?

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Hi.  If you're not going to share with all your employees,  then having a share at all is pretty pointless.  The benefits of sharing are that everyone has access to the same information at the same time,  and can contribute their own expertise to any given situation at any (reasonable) time.  Having a two-level approach would probably create more problems that it would solve.


You could achieve most of what you want with one Premium account and free accounts for your staff.  You'll be able to share with them and allow editing rights so they can collaborate where necessary.  Free accounts will also let your staff keep their own information separate and give them some experience in using the software.  Setting up your own mini-network is also a good pilot for a possible future Business scheme if you find it works well and want to go further.


Other collaboration schemes are available,  but one major benefit of Evernote is that it will work on whatever device your staff happen to have access to - phones,  tablets,  laptops - and on any network to which they're connected.  You'd have to check the benefits of other providers to see whether they fit your specific use case.

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