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Tried scannable on iPad Air. It quickly scans document before camera even focuses. First tried with colour magazine page then with plain black and white page. Text is a illegible. The equivalent of taking an out of focus picture with my iPad camera and uploading to Evernote. Also shouldn't the scanner be included with Evernote native app as opposed to a separate app?

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Can't speak to quality of use (I'm an Android/ Windows user) but the scanning option is already built in to the main app.  Scannable is meant to be a quicker,  smarter way to scan.

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I've found the quality from Scannable to be pretty high. I get the odd smear-fest, but no more than with any other application. Scannable offers a manual option too, so you can choose when it capture the image instead of letting it do it automatically. 


Scanning capabilities are built into the Evernote for iOS application. Scannable isn't necessarily anything revolutionary (though its ability to control the ScanSnap Evernote Edition is pretty cool). It's another scanner in an already crowded category, though its probably one of the best free options.


Scannable is being offered as a separate product and doesn't require a user to be an Evernote user, unlike the built-in scanning capabilities. Scannable offers a great deal more features than the scanner built into the Evernote for iOS app. It offers the option of scanning to JPEG or PDF (not available in Evernote app), it allows easy uploads to other cloud services (Not available in Evernote App), it allow you to control the ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner as if it were a remote (not available in the Evernote app). 


So scannable offers some significant flexibility that isn't available in the scanner built into the Evernote for iOS application. If you don't like it, there's the the scanner built into the Evernote for iOS app, as well as plenty of other applications you can choose from.

Personally I use a different, paid scanning application. However, I frequently recommend Scannable as a high-quality free scanning application even to those who are not Evernote users.

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HI Scott


I find the latest version unusable i have tried over 20 docs none of them i can read. Bit if i use Scanbot the difference is between night and day.


I can only think it is a massive bug but EN a long way to go .


See attached image link 1st pic is Scannable & 2nd Scanbot Scanable%20Poor%20Quality.png

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