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Context / "related to what you're working on" pop-up sometimes causes note window to disappear / reappear

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Sometimes (say 50%) when I double-click a note to see it in its own window, it will disappear for a few seconds as the the context/"related to what you're working on" pop-up balloon shows on the main Evernote window. It then reappears.


(I assume the main Evernote window is coming to the front while the context balloon shows, and then the individual note window reasserts itself).


I say it's a race condition because if the context balloon happens to come up within the individual note window first, then this doesn't occur.

To reproduce the problem just keep trying to open individual notes by double clicking them from the Evernote main window. You will observe this behavior for some percentage of attempts. (Or at least I think you will, if your installation behaves as mine does)


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