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Yves Dessertine

Why I prefer the "old" (non-Beta) Evernote Web


Hello, here is my "2 cents" feedback after 2 months of Evenote Web Beta usage.


My milage is inverted, because I discovered Evenote starting with Beta Web, version, and today found the switch to revert to the non web version. And this was like oxygen for me! Here is what I like in the "old" Web:

(in order of decreasing importance)


1) Note list always displayed : no need to click everywhere dozens of time

2) No "full with white space" minimalist interface : more concise, more info displayed at a glance. I always know where I am!

3) No page flickering; lots of flickering happens in the Beta, in Firefox 35 for Win8 and Linux, I can see almost every ajax action...

4) No simple green and white interface. We now have more than two colors on our displays, let's use them :)


I will update this post if I have more things then I notice

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Thank you for your feedback, Yves. We are reevaluating these areas and will take this feedback into consideration. 

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