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How to take meeting notes with Evernote

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I'm now using Evernote for notes from my meetings and calls.


However, I think I'm doing this in a very cumbersome and inefficient manner.


I usually have a list of pre-call notes or topics for the conference call. During the call, I'd like to record the actual meeting notes by topic but somehow indicate what are the notes versus what was my pre-call outline.


Currently, I'm going back over each Evernote Note and for the notes taken during a call I will change the font to italics or some other style change. But that is slow and cumbersome and I feel I must be reinventing the wheel.


Anyone have some tips on how to note take with Evernote and separate the different types of notes.... Those that are pre-meeting vs those from the meeting. This carries over to many other situations for me.


Thank you.

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One approach is to create a two-col table, with columns for "Planned" and "Actual".

Each topic or agenda item goes on a new row.

Put this in a Note that you might call "Meeting Template".


Pre-meeting copy the Note template to a new Note, and fill in the "Planned" col.

During the meeting you complete the "Actual"


You might also add a 3rd col for "Action Items" or "Take-aways".

Of course you can further customize your template to add meeting info table/fields at the top.


I recommend creating the table template using MS Word, and set the table and col sizes to "autofit" the text.


Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

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