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Arrangeable Lists

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Hey - i keep lots of lists (as i'm sure many do) in evernote, and some of those lists are ordered (e.g. my favorite artists, best albums of 2015, etc.). I've often wanted to rearrange these lists by clicking/tapping and dragging to re-arrange them as opposed to copying & pasting.



Related, but additional:

These lists could also have a 'fold' where you can predetermine an amount of items that can be shown/above the fold. Say for "my favorite artist" i'm only going to consider 15 artists in my list, but i dont want to forget about the guys who didn't make the cut. So when I add a new artist to it, it bumps one below the fold. There could be a way to hide/leave exposed the fold too.

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Yes, an example of this is google keep, there you can easily rearrange list items. 

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