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Bill Moriarty

Feature Request: good Mac voice recorder quality

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Feature Request:


Please allow higher quality audio recording on the Mac Evernote applications. 


My scenarios is this:

I'm in a meeting or a class and someone says "let's talk about... X"


I quickly hit Record in Evernote while I'm also taking typed notes in Evernote. When the topic they're discussing is complete I hit stop. This way the audio recording is placed within my note right near my typed notes about their topic.


Then when someone says "let's talk about... Y" I hit record again.


This way, I have short audio notes inline right near my text notes so the audio notes are on topic.


Since the Evernote audio recorder creates a very low quality recording that makes understanding speech difficult, I usually record the meeting on Voice Memos in iPhone then sync and drop that audio note into my Evernote meeting note. This is not as good because I have one long (over an hour) audio file instead of short audio notes that were recorded. 


Even mono 128 aac would be a great improvement.


thanks for considering this,


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Until/IF Evernote increases the audio quality, you might try AudioNote (iPhone & Mac) as a work-around.

Quality is very good, and as you type while recording, it links your text to the position in the recording.


You can then attach the AudioNote file to Evernote, if you wish.


AudioNote also can sync using DropBox.

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