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Send Only Email Attachments

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At my company I get 100's or order acknowledgements via email everyday, I currently auto-forward them into Evernote. I don't care about the text in the email, only the attachment (which is a pdf). Does anyone know how to just send an attachment to Evernote and not all the other parts of the email?

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What is your email client?  Outlook?


IF Outlook:

If there is some consistency in From or Subject or other, you might try to set up an Outlook rule.

I'm not sure if you can forward ONLY attachments, but it might be worth a look.


Another possibility is to (by rule) save the attachments to an EN Import folder.

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To send only the attachment you should have the outlook Evernote clipper. Click save to Evernote, deselect all messages, at the bottom where it shows attachments make sure only the attachment you want to save is selected and hit save. That should send only the attachment.

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