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FEEDBACK - Slooooooow initial downloads for offline notebooks

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This pertains to recent fresh setup - including evernote - on an ios 7 ipad 4, an ios 8 iphone 5, and an android 4.4.2 galaxy note 2 ... I have a fast fiber optic broadband and halfway decent wired and wireless connections ... my other uses have not had similar bandwidth/download/upload issues.


2.1 GB (total) of notebook data in my two offline notebooks took just shy if 48 hours to download on the initial sync if freshly reset devices.  This was done independantly over the last few weeks.  similar result in each device.  The larger of the two notebooks has about 3200 notes.


I've noticed similarly long upload times for file attachments.  The maxumum for a note (iirc) is 100 MB.  This has taken around 45 to 90 minutes to sync.


I've been a moderate premium evernote user for a few years now and my ever evolving system organisation has come to the point where I wanted to use evernote to truly 'capture everything' so I can be nearly paperless.


With a 4GB monthly upload allowance, theoretically unlimitted total storage (as far as 4GB a month goes) ... etc... this seems exactly a fundimentally intended use of the service for which I pay....


However.  In practicle terms I must reconsidder this entire strategy and therefore the evernote tool.  Given the consistently slow upload and download connections with evernote servers the 100 MB note limit and 4GB upload allowence is of no practical relevamce.  I could not organise my data with such a cripling limitation.  I've seen from other threads others have had similar issues.  Evernote is a fantastic and flexible tool with wonderful potential.  This issue however sabatoges much of it and makes me now consider finding another solution and canceling my premium subscription.


I am located in London, UK.  Perhaps there is a way to optimise my network path to local mirrors or some such???  my account was originally and still is a USA account in $$,  This might be relevant perhaps if I'm routed through servers in California where if I had a UK £ account I'd be routed to more local servers and see much faster connections ...


Thanks for help and consideration to help improve a great product if possible.



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Yes, Evernote went into a crash loop as soon as I updated to iOS 10. Had to remove and reinstall several times. Think I found a corrupt note out of over 5000 that was causing the problem. Now I have to reload all my offline notebooks. Many hours later only a tiny fraction has downloaded. I guess Evernote is really economical with their servers.

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