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Jeremy F

ANSWERED Italics, Bold, & Underline not working properly on Lion

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I'm using Evernote (6.0.5) on a Mac (10.7.5), and when I want to type italics, bold, or underlined text I have an issue: When I type [command]+I (or B or U), the 'button' is illuminated blue, but as soon as I start typing, it clears and my text is regular.  It does the same thing when I click the 'button'.  


The only way I'm getting it to work is to type some, select that text, click or [command]+B for bold (italics, etc), then keep typing.  I can only clear it doing the same thing.  i.e. if I'm typing bold text and want to stop, I have to select some text, and click the bold 'button'.


Is there something I'm not doing correctly or a setting I have messed up?




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I am having the same problem. It's incredibly frustrating. It only started happening when I downloaded the update for Evernote a few days ago - itlalic, bold and underlining worked fine before.


Is there any fix for this?

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Alternatively, is there a way to revert to the previous version of Evernote (which didn't have this problem)?

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