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android Document Camera oddities

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Two things about document camera in EN Android




The 'use a contrasting background' warning gets seriously in the way of taking a picture if I want to capture the centre of a big page,  but not the whole page.  And.




What's with the little box and big margins?


Anyone else finding the same thing?




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Yes, same issues here (HTC One M7, Android 4.4). Apart from that, the image taken by the document camera is useless in most cases.

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Thanks for the validation!


Forgot to mention that the shaded area is much smaller for the first photograph,  but then shrinks to what you see above.  To be fair one-page document captures work well for me - receipts,  book pages etc - as long as there's a defined edge to the page.  Moleskine books forinstance come with a brightly coloured bookmark that's useful as a page delimiter.


More than one page can be problematic as above...


Edit:  Took my own advice and reported bug:  ##923484

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