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mac Unshare a Notebook

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I have upgraded to Evernote 6.0.5. I am having trouble un-sharing a notebook with a former colleague. I can see the icon of the three people on the web interface but my desktop app does not show this. Although I can see who is sharing the notebook in the web app, I can't do anything else from here. In the desktop app, when I click the gear icon that appears when I hover over the notebook name, most options are greyed out. The share icon next to the gear icon gives me the option to start a work chat with one of my contacts but does not let me view who is currently sharing the notebook and ultimately unshare this notebook.

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I don't see a "manage sharing" option.  See permissions, and where to SHARE, but even in managing permissions there is no where to UNshare that i can see...  Evernote Premium - different?

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You can right-click on the notebook in the sidebar:



or in the Notebook screen:




If the notebook isn't currently shared, the menus look different:




and Notebook screen:




So if you don't have the "Modify Sharing" (side bar) or "Manage Notebook permissions", it means that the notebook is not currently shared. 

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