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ios IOS share to Evernote process, use Clearly first in cloud?

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I'm a longterm user of EN, and as I use more and more my iPad and Iphone I miss the simplicity of using Evernote Clearly as a Browser plugin to clip only an article's content and place it in my notebook of choice. On the IOS process you end up getting the whole page almost as html screengrab. Surely EN could do better. It is ironic because the Reuters Article I want coming from their app doesn't have anything I'd remove, but when this artcle is shared through Evernote I get the a whole webpage from the Reuter's website with all the garbage. Yes, I could copy the text, most of it anyway and then save and import the photo and title manually to EN, but this only shows the weakness of my usual process when on a Tablet or iphone.


Can we have that IOS share with Evernote process send the Article to a cloud based Clearly process so it ends up in my Notebook no differently than if I did it in a browser?






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