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I decided to try evernote . . . and immediately lost all my notebooks and notes in S Notes . . . what gives with this worthless application???? is there anyway to recover what it has destroyed? Is there anyway too absolutely and totally remove it from my galaxy note 4?

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Sorry to hear.. This can be very frustrating.


Please elaborate more on how you lost them?


Did you write them and save them? (press "done" after you wrote the note)

Or just write them? and then closed app...


You need to remember that the free version of Evernote does not store notes locally... So after they have been saved/synced uploaded I don't believe they are accessible by your phone without an internet connection... You need premium to do that.



If you want to remove it from your galaxy s4... I would recommend deleting it like any other other app...

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I don't think you can delete Evernote since (AFAIK) it's pre-installed by Samsung and protected as a system application.  It's also a completely different app from S-Note,  so there's no reason why using Evernote would have deleted any previous notes.  Open S-Note to see them.  There's an export to Evernote feature in S-Note if you wish to transfer them.  If you have problems with S-Note or the transfer,  then Samsung support (or your carrier's support) is probably the best first stop for any queries...

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Thanks for the reply . . . I've recovered my S-Note files, and moved on. I'm sure Evernote is good for some, but to me it seems like it has been stretched to too many things, none of them very well. I'll stay with S-Note for my notebooks, and continue using One-Note (which cleanly syncs through OneDrive) along with Outlook (both of which work with all of Office). I don't think I've ever tried to work with an app that is so user un-friendly (in the sense that the basic operations and set up are not the least bit intuitive or standard) and without open information to find how to configure and use it. I'll just send a weekly email to Samsung requesting a means to remove it from my phone.

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Evernote is an amazing program...


It just takes a while to get used to how it works...


Once you do... Your life becomes so much easier in saving notes.... And keeping them on multiple devices efficiently...


The learning curve is a lot bigger than most other programs... But the benefits once used correctly are immeasurable.


If you invest the time to learn how to use it properly... It will pay you back by saving you a considerable amount of time in the future...


As a former OneNote user... (And frustrated by Evernote) I understand what you are feeling...


I wrote off Evernote... but didnt uninstall... I learned a bit more about it... And slowly but surely I started playing with it...


I would use OneNote as my go to notekeeper for years... Yet found a bit of usefulness for Evernote here and there... A bit of play with it...


Eventually it all clicked together... And I can honestly say Evernote is the best program I have on my PC and android phone hands down...


I felt I had to share that story. The decision is ultimately yours. Evernote will not be valuable to you off the bat, because it does a lot of things very differently... So there is a learning curve... But the fact that it is so broad and accessible from multiple fronts is its competitive advantage...


It can completely transform how you keep information.

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