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ios So disappointed in Penultimate 6 - HATE the Zoom Window

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For Christmas I received an Adonit Jot Touch with Pixel Point and was excited to try out Penultimate on my iPad mini for the very first time. For as much as I love Evernote I'm utterly disappointed in how awful of an app Penultimate 6 really is.


The quality of writing the the Jot Touch/Pixel Point is extremely poor.


Yet, the number one feature that makes Penultimate unusable is the ZOOM WINDOW.  Why can't I just do a pinch to zoom which is simple and intuitive?  


Then in the Zoom window I can't even scroll around the page.  I either have to drag the zoom box which is impossible or I have to use Drift which is just as bad.  With drift turned on the page scrolls so fast, I can't keep up, and my writing is even worse than it all ready is.


The ZOOM WINDOW is an overly complicated feature that is simply unusable. PLEASE give an option to turn this awful feature off and bring back pinch to zoom.


Evernote PLEASE take a lesson from Bamboo Paper by Wacom.  Combine Bamboo Paper with the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 and you have an amazing notetaking app that is simple, easy to use, and it feels like you are actually writing in an analog notebook. 


Not to mention the fact that the Jot Touch/Pixel Point is not even compatible with Bamboo Paper and I can write 10 times better in Bamboo Paper than in Penultimate. 


Also one of the most innovative features of Bamboo Paper?  It has pinch to zoom!  I can easily zoom in on a page and write to my hearts content.


Sorry for the rant but I've never been so frustrated over a user experience with an application like Penultimate. 

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Love the Jot Touch w/PixelPoint, hate Penultimate... do try the Touch with Noteshelf; it works wonderfully and I am able to integrate my handwriting with Evernote. it does have a zoom box, though. Those who don't care so much about Evernote integration and like pinch-to-zoom are fond of Goodnotes 4. Good luck.

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Wow! I just discovered the zoom window (yes, I know, read the F__king manual! :D ) My handwriting looks much better than it does with just the wrist protection, which kinda sucks. I definitely do not like the drift function; it moves way too fast for my liking and stretches out my handwriting. Not cool at all. The problem is that with drift off, I have to keep moving the zoom window manually. Not the end of the world, but other handwriting apps I have used (UPAD and Notability, to name 2) have the ability to detect when I get near the right side of the zoom window and automatically shift it to the right, or insert a "carriage return" - much easier to use. I would like to see that feature added Penultimate because of its integration with Evernote.


I use a Precision Point stylus, which is not bad. It does not use Bluetooth to connect, but it is battery powered. Stock up on AAAA batteries (no, that is not a typo - 4 As)

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