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Larry Jorgense

windows 8 Syncing issue with Windows 8

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Wondering how Evernote did not sync new notes but sync new tags created during a session?


I added an extensive amount of information related to forward planning and lost it all due to a syncing error except tags created during that session.  How is this possible?


This occurred over Dec 29 - 31.

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Hi.   How did a sync error lose data?  Are the original notes missing from the initial device?  Off the top of my head it's possible that a partial sync copied over the tags but not the data,  or that you -

  • exceeded one or more note sizes
  • used unacceptable characters in one or more note titles
  • used unacceptable code in one or more note's content
  • reached your data allowance maximum
  • had a network / firewall / internet / other error which interrupted sync

There were no outages that I'm aware of during that time period.

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