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android Evernote on Android tablet

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Thanks for reading this.  I don't know how to start a new note on my tablet in evernote. I can bring up my notebooks and view them. I can hold down my finger on a note and bring up a long list of things i might like to do with it. I can see where to share a note, I can add to home screen, go into settings etc., but I cannot see where to start a new note. 


I'm using a samsung note 2014 tablet, I'm not very impressed with it. I keep coming back to the laptop to any reasonable job.


I have evernote on my mobile and it is far more interactive there. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi.  Do you have a big green icon, bottom right with a white "+"?  Tap that for new note options.

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No, but your reply did get a few grey cells working and I realised that I had the links to my favourite notebooks on the home screen. When I tap one of these, a list of notes for that notebook opens and there seems no way to get back to the 'proper' evernote home screen from there which is where that helpful + is. 


So now I realise that, I can put the link to the evernote homescreen on the tablet homescreen and navigate from there. The other links are a bit useless except if I just want to view existing notes. All links aren't equal.

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