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windows Cannot sync to server from windows 7 laptop

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only some notes are displayed on evernote on laptop after sync from windows 7. However I can see all notes when logged into web browser. Help greatly appreciated. Tks

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Yes I am currently here myself. 


I tried to optimize my database and fix notes (Ctrl + Help menu) but not resolved.


I then uninstalled and re-installed Evernote - didn't work.


Logged a support call and 14 days later (after much social page posting) got a response. Fist suggestion was:

Turn off SSL3
In October of 2014 Google found a vulnerability with a legendary web security protocol called SSL3. In order to protect our customers, Evernote decided to stop supporting SSL3 connections. Please follow the steps below to make sure SSL3 is turned off.

1.    Windows Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > scroll down to Security > select (check) Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, Use TLS 1.2 (if present) and un-check SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0

2.    Restart the computer and startup Evernote again.

If the issue persists, I would like a full activity log file from Evernote to study the issue a little further.


Sent the log and then had a suggestion to upgrade to 5.8 beta. Did this but still no cigar


Very frustrating.



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