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Can iOS Evernote's camera lens zoom in?

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Nope - no pinch to zoom function, even though this is possible with the iOS camera app itself.


So for select cases where you need to zoom, you may want to use the iOS Camera and then open a selection of photos in Evernote through the "Share Menu"... or via the EN app if you prefer. 


If we're talking about the document camera, one wouldn't ordinarily need zoom. Your "zoom" is the distance your hand is away from the document.  :P I find that even the flash going off at close range is not really an issue, since the document camera optimizes the image and cuts out the glare/ reflection. 

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Thanks a lot for your help!But my friends and I are looking forward this function so much,as well as the Find and Replace in Mac version.

We're really grateful for your prompt attention to our message.

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