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Kanban for Evernote


Hello Evernote community,


I love Evernote, but a feature I miss a lot is to show to-do notes in a graphical view. My personal preference is a personal kanban board.


As I'm a developer, I made this proof of concept: it's a web app that extracts notes that belong to the "Kanban" notebook and depending on the tag (backlog, this_week, today, done) it distributes the notes across a kanban board..


This is what I have today:


  • Reading notes from my Evernote account
  • Parsing notes to get a brief description, note color, owner and reminder.


Do you think it is worth? Would you use it?


I'm planning to release a v1.0 with a simple web interface where you can select the notebook, and the columns (tags) to display. Everytime you visit your page the board is redendered from your Evernote account.


Best regards







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Any third party developer should remember one thing. Internet bandwidth, especially in developing countries is extremely expensive and quality is extremely poor. The greatest reason why i felt Evernote was a success among its peers was that apart from Android, IOS, Web, it had an offline Windows Application that could be used offline whenever Internet is available, can be syncd.


So, app developers please put this in mind, that ur 3rd party apps have more offline access, more the reach. 

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This seems very interesting. BTW, have you also checked www.kanbanote.com ? It does something very similar.


Yes, it suspiciously came up a couple of weeks after my original post... never compose a song with your window open  ;)


Anyway, it was good to inspire someone else.  I don't really like the implementation but it seems bad to have two web apps that do almost the same.

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I would use this app and pay for it.


Integrating the Business side of Evernote (Kanbanote only receives the personal notes) is a must for it so be useful for me.

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Don't forget there are 3rd party apps like that already. I don't use them but this is what I have seen being talked about:

* Kanbanote - http://www.kanbanote.com/, with a report on Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/kanbanote-organizes-your-evernote-notes-in-trello-like-1676463684

* Trello - a Kanban app that can work with Evernote via Zapier https://zapier.com/zapbook/evernote/trello/. But direct Trello - EN integration is still only a feature someone requested from Trello - see screenshot below or website https://trello.com/b/ooY1N7GP/braintoss-support-page


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Hello! I recently create a video about how to create a Personal Kanban Board using Evernote to manage all my projects.


I was tempted to use Trello, but all my information is stored in Evernote and I wanted to avoid checking too much apps or tools when I’m working.

The key is to use the note links and create the columns.

The video is in spanish because I’m from Costa Rica, but I believe is pretty clear how to implement the Kanban Board just by watching the video.

Hope you find this video helpful.


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