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How do I build a third party app for Evernote?

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I'm not a technical person but a hedge fund trading firm.  We are using Evernote in an in internal event trading application and would like to explore the possibility of using this more broadly by sharing it with the investment community at large, or possibly by subscription. Initially I would like some help just understanding what Evernote's policy is about such a product on their platform and if feasible would like to hire some part time or freelance developers to assist if it is proven feasible or viable to do.


Harvey Sax

Sax Angle Partners



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Evernote is quite supportive of third parties developing applications that work with Evernote's data.  Their philosophy is that since Evernote is a platform first and foremost, if third party applications produce software which causes more people to become Evernote users, then Evernote Corp. wins.


In terms of your specific idea, probably the best thing is to post information about it in the Evernote for Developers section of the forum here, as that's where it'll attract the most eyeballs from potential developer partners for you.  You can post more of your thoughts there for feedback as well.  (Or, if you'd rather not do that for proprietary/confidentiality reasons, you can PM me with more info and I'm happy to give you some initial feedback in terms of feasibility - I work quite closely with the folks at Evernote Corp.)

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We are building an application based on legal events and trading opportunities associated with them.  For example patent litigation outcomes or jury verdicts can sometimes have a significant impact on stock prices.  We have built a calendar of such events and are actively following them.  Often times, just knowing the outcome is not sufficient if you can't anticipate how the outcome will impact prices.  Our Evernote application builds a background case, strategy note, fundamental notes and 3rd party research comments when appropriate.  We have it linked to a calendar of legal events.  There is quite a bit of functionality we would like to add to this workspace and we need to be able to screen scrape from some free and subscription only databases and build an alert system into evernote to accomplish this.  Once we have built this system to our satisfaction, we might be interested in sharing it on both a "free" version and a seat license version.  

Phil, is this something your group could help with or if possible maybe spend a couple of minutes directing us to someone that could.  Thanks

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