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ios Evernote notes not available offline on iPhonez

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I am a Premium subcribers and I have downloaded and sync my notes on the iPhone using WiFi. When the syncing has finished, I still cannot access most of the notes from the notebook that I made available offline when I off the WiFi. I tried clearing the cache, signing out, reinstalling, nothing seems to work. I have contact support and still waiting for a reply. Meanwhile, has anyone got any solution to this?

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Hi.  If you managed to solve this,  can you let us know the result?


If not,  no disrespect,  but are you sure you created the notebook(s) correctly?  The process should be -


On iPad/ iPhone

  • Evernote > Settings > Offline Notebooks
  • select the Notebook(s) you wish to have available when you don't have an Internet connection. 
  • Sync when you have a wi-fi connection to make sure your "Offline Notebooks" are up-to-date.

If that's what you did,  then I suggest reinstalling the app (again),  restarting the phone and trying again.

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Actually, if you check on the pinned iOS version thread, you'll see that a lot of folks - including me - have similar problems. No notes showing, or the app completely freezing. And sync failing with "Timed Out" errors. Overall, very buggy.


Evernote are on very shaky ground at the moment, with the disastrous Mac v6, and now this iOS version. I think they need to get right back to basics, cut away all the fluff like Chat, Context, etc, and get the basic functions of the app working properly and faultlessly.

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Thanks for the comments. Yes, I did all the steps above but to no avail. However, after reinstalling the app several times finally the problem was solved.

Now, I am facing another problem. The app would freeze every now and then. One problem after another. Yeah, I totally agree with you. They should get the basics right first. 

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Yea, it's a disaster that iOS app is not working. Timeout, notes not syncing, frozen... (somehow I keep hearing.. let it go, let it go.. time to drop evernote)


Evernote's branding tagline is "Your life's work"

Yea, my life's work is now hanging on the balance with Evernote's servers and engineers.

perhaps they are having DDOS malicious attacks by hackers.


Come on Evernote, get the basics rite. I just need my notes to show up and sync.

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