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"file:///" links behaviour changed?

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Recently updated to v6 and noticed that any links I'd put in notes to open a folder or launch an app on my local drive have stopped working. 


Now a link formatted like this… file:///Users/username/enclosing folder/targeted folder …opens the enclosing folder with the targeted folder selected, whereas previously it would open the targeted folder itself. The same is true if it's an app at the end of the path - I could previously launch apps from a link, now it just opens the Applications folder.


This is incredibly annoying and has broken a whole host of workflows I'd had set up — is it a bug or a deliberate change?


I've done a bit of poking around these forums but not had much luck with an answer…

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The handling of "file:///" links was removed in one of the Ver 5.6 Betas, and then partially restored in Ver 5.7.x after a large outcry.

It is not clear whether this is a bug or designed behavior.


You may want to post your concern in the main thread of the most recent version:

See Evernote Mac v6.0.2 Released

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