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android deleted notes/notebooks

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I had a little problem with evernote. I recently have been logged in to the same account on my ipad but then I had to delete all the stuff and apps on it and had to log out of all my accounts and I logged out of my evernote account. A few days later I logged in on to my tablet and I had all the notes there but it was taking ages to load and they never loaded entirely. And so I decided to log out and log in again and that's what I did. The problem is that I realised al, my SAVED notes dissapeared and I only had one. And then I made another note with something else on it and a few days later the note was gone from evernote when I looked. I saved it so there shoudn't have been any problems with it. And the notes were VERY important to me because I had noted all my stuff from my ipad to move it on my tablet when I log into evernote and now it's gone. Please if there is anything you can do about this help me. Contact me as soon as possible, thank you.

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There seem to be two possibilities..  either when you deleted stuff from your iPad you also deleted your Evernote notes,  and that 'empty' account has now synced back to your other devices,  or you have inadvertently logged into a different account - maybe by misspelling your email address or some such.  Try logging in to your account via a browser and Evernote.com to see whether you can still see your notes...

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