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mac Evernote moved all notes to trash

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Evernote 5 crashed on OS X 10.9, the app could not be opened again and got another icon. So i downloaded again from the website, meanwhile version 6 was released. Now all notes are moved to trash (i did not do that; also at the online-web-interface all notes are in the trash). And there were allready some notes there in the trash before. So i do not want to recover them all.


Do you have any ideas? Is it possible somehow to go back in time?




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I have never heard of this happening before. As far as I know there is no way for Evernote to automatically move your notes to the trash. But, stranger things have happened. 


Since it seems like all of your "wanted" notes were deleted at exactly the same time, here's my recommendation:

1) Install the latest version of Evernote if it isn't already installed

2) Go to your Evernote trash.

3) Enter "Top list view" if you aren't already in that view. 

4) Add the "Deleted" column if it isn't already there. (right click on any column header and select "deleted".

5) sort by "deleted" to sort by the date the notes were deleted. For all of the notes you want, this date should be identical, based on your story, so those should now be grouped together in the list and easily selected. 

6) Select all the notes with that date and click "restore selected notes"


If that doesn't work, you can go back in time by restoring your Evernote database from a Time Machine backup of your hard drive. This isn't an easy task. Directions here:



Those directions are slightly old, so there may be some subtle differences (e.g., the location of the Evernote database), but the actual method should be identical. Keep in mind a time machine restore of the database is an all or nothing affair. You cannot restore individual notes or parts of the database, it is the entire database that you are restoring. Ideally you'd be able to solve your issue using my first suggestion and use your time machine backup as a very last resort.

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I just had a massive bug/glitch note dump from my notes into the trash on February 7th, 2016 - 2000+ notes deleted. I actually had no idea this happened until a few notes I knew FOR SURE existed no longer came up in my search and I panicked. Then I searched some common tags that I use, and half of my tags contained ZERO notes inside them..... very suspicious! And scary! Especially because I relay HEAVILY more than anybody I know on Evernote.... storing my life... and I have never done a backup!

After a lot of self trouble shooting in the middle of the night, and reading this Q&A post, I found many of the notes in the TRASH. I am certain that I did not delete these notes. 

Also, I have had EN crash on me over the months and years, about 2-3x per month actually. But I simply restart the desktop Mac app and I'm good to go. I never related to any note deletions, but then again I never pay any attention to my trash box so I would never know. 

Thanks Scott, your response was helpful! 

I have submitted some trouble tickets to identify the extent of this bug.... HOPE I didn't lose half my Evernote life... that would be like half my brain.... devastating!


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