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mac Pages documents are blurry when shown inline

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Hello all,


I just got around to upgrading to Yosemite, and this has fixed one problem where .pages documents were showing up as .zip files in Evernote.


However, while they are now showing properly inline, there is a new issue - they are blurry (as if it is a much smaller image that is expanded).  Quick view looks good, so I'm not sure what to think.

Here's a picture of what I mean: 




I've seen one or two mentions of this in other threads, though I didn't see any threads devoted to it.

It's a fresh install of EN 6.0.2 (from the web) for what that's worth.


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Yes, I have the same problem. It seems to be a bug and persists in V6.0.2.

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I'm not sure about the lack of response.  I sent in an official ticket a few days ago, I'll post back here if I hear anything back.

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