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George Georgiou

Not Synching - Help!

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H ell, I really hope you vcan help me out...


All has been just fine with my Evernote for months and months until a couiple of days ago.


I use the client on my windpows laptop and on my Blackbery.


But for some reason my laptop client can't synch, don't know why. All files are synched correctly with the web version  but thenew upodates are not comning diown to my laptop cleint software.


The only thing I can think of isI took sone pics and attached to one note from my Blackberry, as 've done times before.


It seems to be since then I've had these issues.


As I said, the web version has all the new  notes and attached photos from my phone.


Any ideas please?


Many Thanks,



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Quick update for you...


It seems my iPad has updated just fine, as is my phone.


So it's purely my windows laptop. It can get to the internet just fine, nothing changed on it.


Also checked my account settings/usage and all is good there.


Amny ideas?

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That did it, many Thanks Sluther!


You are welcome. It was just a lucky guess. I am glad that I could help.

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