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Using Evernote for Marketing to Create a "Promotional Calendar"?

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Hi everyone,


I'd like to know if if it's possible to use Evernote to create a "promotional calendar" for our marketing department.


Basically, what I've envisioned is the possibility of viewing Evernote in calendar view, and creating colored "blocks" in the calendar days, each block representing a particular promotion that we're having.


For example:

Black Friday deal (blue block): 11/27 to 11/28

Winter holiday sale: 11/29 - 12/3


The point of the calendar view is to see visually what promotions are going on, and to make sure that none of them will overlap one another. The blocks can be custom colored to distinguish between different promos.


Thanks guys!

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I'm not sure if you're asking for this as a new feature request... or whether it's really possible to do this currently in Evernote.

Have you seen anything that might point towards this in Evernote? What you're describing is exactly how, say, Google Calendar works. A calendar app.

This is currently not possible in Evernote… and I don't ever think it will be, given that so many third-party to-do applications depend on Evernote.

What I'd like to understand is whether the information on the calendar would relate to any documents or information that you currently have in your account... And what you would hope to achieve in Evernote that you cannot do in a regular calendar app.

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My marketing plans are in an Excel spreadsheet with 'classic' links back to Evernote where I have more details about an event or promotion.  I use Ticktick for reminders and scheduling.

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