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mac Mac App - Avoid downloading notes offline (avoid local storage)

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In order to save space on our MacBooks I would love to have an option in the OS X App to stop storing everything locally, instead access notes from the web. I think as we are moving our stuff to the cloud, we may rely less and less on local storage in the future and instead have gigabytes of data always available in the cloud.


I myself only use Evernote in this way and it is the reason why I have to put up with the web interface, which although nice, logs me out each week and an app interface (just like on my iPhone & iPad) would be the preferred option.


Your thoughts?



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Thanks Gaz. That's a nice link, too. Has it been 2 years already? My, how time flies.


The link I had was to my updated wish list, which I happened to post a few minutes before the OP made this thread, and we are both looking for selective sync. 

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Thank you guys for your fast and informative responses! :)

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