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Notebook Creation BUGS!

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If you create a new notebook and do not immediately add a new note within it, Evernote will never display that notebook again in any of its lists, although it will hint that that notebook exists because it gives you an error message when you try to create it again, saying that new notebooks must have a unique name. There is no way to add notes or move the newly created notebook into a stack. This is true for both iPhone and iPad, and because Evernote web is not supported on the iOS browser, you can't proceed until you can get to a PC browser. This really REALLY SUCKS!!!!!

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When you want to move a note to a different notebook, the notebook list is not displayed in hierarchical order (with stacks). This makes it very hard to know / find which notebook you're dealing with. Please change the notebook list display or at least give us an option to have it show alphabetically or hierarchically.

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