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Unwanted Auto filing into Notebooks

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I use a simple 'inbox' notebook as my default that I then re-file into specific project/topic notebooks on a weekly basis.  Lately, it would seem that many notes that should be in the inbox are getting put into notebooks. I cannot tell if this is a feature update of some sort? Its not every note.  Its also not always accurate.  The problem is that I won't notice things are misfiled since this breaks it out of my workflow.  


Any ideas on why this is happening all of a sudden? 


I am using the latest Evernote for Mac. 


Thank you for any insight!


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Shouldn't be happening "all of a sudden", it might be that it wasn't very smart, until just now (once it has some data to make guesses on). 


You should be able to disable smart filing in two places:

1) For smart filing emails you can disable this from Account Settings at www.evernote.com

2) For smart filing web clippings, you can disable this in the web clipper options. 

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