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android Access to Gmail email addressbook within Evernote?

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I understand that EN doesn't have its own addressbook, and can appreciate the myriad reasons (including our having to keep different addressbooks synced).


However, it's obnoxious to have to go hunt for an email address when I'm forwarding a note (share | email).


A workaround was posted in 2013, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/28887-populating-the-address-book-in-evernote/. I might try that - easier than going to gmail, composing new message, and allow autocomplete in gmail to pop up the address which I copy and paste onto Evernote. (Ugh.)


In Windows, the newly implemented Work Chat somehow accesses my Gmail addressbook. However, no addresses at all are accessed:


1. On my Android Nexus Tablet.

2. When I email a note to someone -- far more powerful than the one-line chat capability.


Are these capabilities in the works?


Has someone found a better solution to use the Email from Evernote option?




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