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A note does not sync from iOS to Windows

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I have EN 7.6.1 on iOS 8.1 (iPAD mini),

Edited a note (pasted text from Safari), closed, synced.

But these edits won't propagate to Windows desktop EN (v 5.6.4)

Opened the note again on iPAD, edited more, synched again - new edits propagated, but previous edits did not.


Now there are two versions of the note, on iPAD and on Windows, and this is not a conflicting change

(Conflicting changes in Windows EN is empty, and iOS version does not seem to have this notebook).


It's scary... My external brain is failing!


- dd

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AFTER you did the sync on your iPad, did you do a sync on EN Win?


Keep in mind that all devices sync to the Evernote Cloud Service, not to each other.

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