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Gabs W

ios Shake to undo doesn't work, got out of the note. Note synced and lost the note. Help!

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Hi there!

I accidentally replaced an entire, really important note with one letter 'p'. I then closed the note (for some reason). I quickly went on my Mac Evernote program but before I could copy the note contents it synced (and once again showed the letter 'p').

I've been on forums about shaking to undo, but no matter how much I shake the phone while on the note it does not undo. I can't revert it or anything.

Why can't I undo???? Or revert???


Please someone help, I really need the note back.


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Since you have closed and sync'd the note on both devices, the only chance I see now for recovery is via the Note History, IF you are a Premium account owner.


I know this doesn't help now, but maybe for the future, since you asked.

On the iPhone 6+ running iOS 8.1 and EN 7.6.1, I found that shaking the iPhone will execute an "undo", but I had to shake several times, and ONLY while the Note was still open for editing.  Once you close the Note, I don't think shaking will do anything.

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